VIDEO: Why We Have Low Housing Inventory Across the Country

Housing Inventory Update

Do you know why the majority of the country is experiencing a housing inventory shortage? Want to know how we got here?

Well it all started in 2008 when a lot of developers and builders went bankrupt during the recession causing there to be less homes being built year over year. Fast forward to 2020 when there was a major migration from cities to suburbia and all of a sudden we realize we have a housing shortage. Although it took a few years for us to see the effects of 2008, it is clear we've been under building. The shutdown didn't help either. It caused disruption in supply chain, made raw materials scarce and prices shot up everywhere. Since we lost a year of building in 2020 we are still behind on new housing inventory.

I think we will start to see a more balanced market in 2024 but not before.

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