VIDEO: Mistakes People Make When They Are Thinking Of Buying

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People are in the habit of googling everything. We heavily rely on google to give us information on extremely important subjects, especially when it comes to real estate.
Before engaging with a lender most people google mortgage rates. This usually scares people off and instead of engaging in the possibility of buying they decide to extend their lease another year. Here is why this approach is a mistake.
Google has not done an evaluation of your finances, nor do they have the same level of resources that lenders have. Lenders get really creative to help you buy and also keep your monthly payments within your target range, but if you don’t end up speaking with one, you’ll never know what your options are.
I constantly speak with lenders from different institutions to learn about their lending programs. They can usually offer much better rates and options than what I find online. Are you serious about weighing your options?
Then give me a call and I will direct you to the best lenders in the industry. I promise you will be pleasantly surprised by what you’ll learn.

Stephanie Betancourt


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